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Business Areas

We are performing tasks in various fields such as autonomous driving and big data based on GIS experts.

Software Development

We are conducting GIS-based SI business in various fields based on WEB, Mobile, and C/S.

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Geospatial Information Construction

We support the production of various GIS DBs, thematic maps, and commercial maps required by the public and private sectors.

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MMS(Mobile Mapping System)

We have MMS-based spatial big data construction technology to acquire 3D spatial data.

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Image Analysis

We are conducting business in the agricultural life field through multispectral/hyperspectral image processing and analysis technology solutions.

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Solution Product

We provide services to customers in various fields as a GIS-based solution partner.

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Telecommunication Construction

We are carrying out various ICT businesses such as supplying network equipment and installing CCTV.

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