Google Maps Platform

Take your business further with access to the world’s most complete geolocation reference dataset.

Why Google Maps Platform?

Google Maps empowers you to create beautiful maps for your sites, apps and internal platforms. See how location intelligence can open new growth possibilities for your business:


Make Better Decisions

Visualize disparate data sets to effectively manage information and make better, more informed decisions.

  • Connecting to home buyers wherever they are
    "Using one map, buyers can learn all about a property and its surrounding area."
    Jeff McConathy, VP, Trulia
  • Google Maps Platform locate Allianz Global Assistance
    "The fluid, simple functionality, familiarity, visual nature, easy pan and zoom, and accuracy of Google Maps allows our agents to serve customers better."
    Dean Peck, Senior Business Solutions Analyst and Project Manager, Allianz Global Assistance
  • Hilton helps guests book the perfect room with Google Maps Platform
    "Through technology, we’re hoping to make it easier for people to find the perfect room, have an unforgettable stay and come back for another adventure."
    Virginia Suliman, Vice President of Digital Design and Development, Hilton Worldwide
  • Delivering an immersive ticket-buying experience
    "We’re building a simple and transparent way for fans to find tickets at reasonable prices, and making the ticket buying process a part of the entertainment experience."
    Brett Dowling, Founder and President, Tixsee
  • Improving the package-tracking experience
    "Google Maps' live tracking makes waiting for a parcel an interactive experience. Every recipient can ensure their delivery fits into their daily routine."
    Stefan Müller, IT Project Manager, DPD

Deepen User Engagement

Create a visually rich and engaging user experience, encouraging greater interaction with Google Maps.

  • Lyft connects drivers and riders with Google Maps Platform
    "We’ve seen more than 500% growth in rides and revenue since last year, thanks in large part to Google Maps."
    Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, Lyft
  • increases traffic and revenue to its vacation rental site with Google Maps Platform
    "With the help of the Google Maps Platform,’s traffic has grown 2,918%, to more than two million unique monthly visitors. So thanks to the Google Maps Platform, we’re not only keeping our visitors happy—we’re also seeing great business benefits as well."
    Danny Chi, director of engineering at
  • Straightforward, modern, and interactive: airberlin introduces a new route map
    "We have been able to increase the percentage of flights booked via the route map by more than 40 percent."
    Fabian Möschter, E-Commerce Business Development Manager at airberlin
  • Harley-Davidson uses Google Maps Platform to help motorcyclists plan and share road trips
    "Google Maps Platform helps our members of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) plan trips, share them with other members and get the most out of their route along the way"
    Heidi Skinner, Social Strategy Manager at the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company
  • Bringing Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood to life
    "Google Maps Platform are great to have in your creative toolkit, and they let you think and work in unexpected ways."
    Anna Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, The Walt Disney Company, UK & Ireland

Streamline Operations

Improve the performance efficiency of your fleet or other mobile assets.

  • Allstate helps homeowners see their homes in a whole new way using Google Maps
    "It’s all about personalization and relevance. My agent sending me a site with personalized information based on how I can better protect my home and family. That’s powerful."
    Elizabeth Schreier, Director of Digital and Social Engagement, Allstate
  • Chicago Department of Transportation helps build a new Chicago using Google Maps Platform
    "Stakeholders can access all relevant information about 30,000 current projects on a live interactive map."
    William Cheaks Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Infrastructure Management, Chicago Department of Transportation
  • Locating methane leaks beneath our city streets
    "We chose to use Google Maps Platform because they have the design features and flexibility we needed to visualize the data in a way that can be easily understood."
    Cassie Ely, Manager in the Office of Chief Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Infoxchange created a mobile app for Australia’s homeless, connecting them with shelter, food and other services with Google Maps Platform.
    "With the help of Google Maps Platform, Ask Izzy gives homeless people information about over 350,000 vital nearby services such as shelter, food, needle exchanges, employment resources, technology facilities like Wi-Fi and charging stations, legal and financial advice."
    iana Brown, Product Manager at Infoxchange
  • Helping customers find nearby branches
    "Flexibility, customization options and the global coverage of Google Maps are the main reasons why we chose Google technology."
    Alessandro Appodio, Online Acquisition Specialist, Global Online & Mobile Banking, UniCredit


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