Chamber Type System

Chamber Type System

Precise growth monitoring and analysis

▶ Acquisition of individual crops' precise images for growth monitoring and analysis
▶ Automatic measurement of crop plant height, vigor, shape, density, leaf area, etc.
▶ Acquisition of high-precision spectral data and build a library
▶ Specific disease symptom monitoring and prognostic analysis

Hyperspectral / Multispectral / LiDAR / RGB / Thermal imaging

▶ Hyperspectral image : Acquisition of 400~1,000 nm wavelength
▶ Multispectral image : Acquisition of RGB and NIR image
▶ LiDAR image : Acquisition of 3D data(top and both sides)
▶ RGB image : High-resolution RGB image
▶ Thermal image: Acquisition of Thermal (11μm) image

Accurate measuring equipment control

▶ Acquisition of high-precision images using controlled lighting in a darkroom where external light is blocked
▶ Control the speed of the conveyor to transfer seedlings
▶ Initialize each sensor and control parameters in a remote control environment

Installation case

National Agrobiodiversity Center: Chamber Type System

It is a chamber type system for acquiring and analyzing images for research of disease symptom. Hyperspectral, multispectral, and lidar images can be acquired by using only controlled lights in a darkroom where external light is blocked. Individual images are precisely acquired for each crop, and growth monitoring and disease symptom are analyzed.

Image Description
Image Description

Jeonbuk/Gyeongbuk Smart Farm Innovation Valley Demonstration Complex : Selection of seedlings

We have supplied the Select & Ship Seedlings System to Korean National Smart Farm Innovation Valley, the base of agricultural innovation that researches and produces future agricultural technologies. It acquires 3D data by using lidars(top and both sides), hyperspectral and multispectral images. It analyzes the growth quality information based on acquisition of high-precision seedling images, and selects and ships them according to whether they meet or fail the quality standards.

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