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Industrial Camera JAI Innovative Solution

JAI offers a wide range of cameras that meet all imaging conditions in medical, scientific, and industrial sites, including transportation and sports/entertainment.

See the possibilities

JAI A/S provides innovative industrial area scanning and line scanning cameras for machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, and a complete camera solution for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

JAI has sold more than 1 million cameras worldwide to multiple processes, products, or service applications and industries where camera vision technology is used. JAI's transportation cameras are installed across cities around the world.

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Why Choose JAI?

Reliability that you can trust

JAI cameras are designed to provide excellent performance under actual operating conditions. It is designed to minimize failures by enduring rough vibration (up to 10G) and impact (up to 80G) under constant operating conditions and efficiently dispersing heat. In addition, JAI cameras promise the industry's best guarantee of 6 years for Go-X series cameras and 3 years for all other models so that customers can feel safe.

Low ownership cost

All electronics, machines, and software of JAI cameras are carefully designed for superior product reliability and the best image quality. As a result, JAI's camera ensures long, fault-free operation through a long MTBF. This lowers the cost of ownership of all JAI cameras.

Strict quality guarantees throughout the manufacturing process

All electronic substrates mounted on the JAI camera provide perfect completeness through thorough automatic optical inspection, X-ray inspection and soldering inspection. During camera assembly, cameras are additionally tested for aging, optical, and complete finishing, including measurements and documentation that meet the EMVA 1288 standard.

JAI camera for all vision fields

JAI offers a wide range of cameras that meet almost all imaging requirements of industry, medical care, science and outdoor imaging, including transportation and sports/entertainment. From single image sensor cameras at very attractive prices to prism-based multi-image sensor area scanning and line scan cameras that provide the best color reproducibility for vision applications, you can choose from a variety of options as needed. JAI will provide you with all of this.

Choose the interface you prefer

JAI provides a variety of industry standard interfaces. Therefore, you can select the preferred interface according to each individual vision task needs. JAI cameras offer USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, 10GigE Vision, SFP+, CoaXPress, Camera Link, and Mini Camera Link interfaces.

Fast customer support when customers need it

We monitor inquiries received by JAI's technical experts 24 hours a day and help technicians check immediately to solve problems and continue the project.

JAI High Quality Industrial Camera Market and Application

It provides a compact and reliable camera that fits your machine vision system perfectly, regardless of the field you support, industry, or target application.

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Car inspection

High-quality JAI cameras provide high-quality images to a variety of automobile applications.

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Electronic device inspection

High-performance JAI cameras detect small defects through excellent speed and precision to prevent them from leading to major problems.

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Food & beverage

High-performance industrial cameras for food classification, filling level monitoring, and other automatic inspection operations.

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Government, aerospace, defense & surveillance

JAI has more than 20 years of experience in aerospace, defense and surveillance systems through projects conducted in North America and around the world.

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Medical & life sciences

Various advanced medical diagnosis and treatment methods require advanced imaging technology. JAI cameras are the best choice for this.

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Outdoor & Transportation

Special problems arise in outdoor imaging systems in transportation, sports, aviation, surveillance and other fields. These problems can be solved through the JAI camera.

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Packaging & Printing

JAI cameras provide advanced color imaging, high resolution, and excellent stability required for the latest print inspection systems.

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Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Life depends on the production and distribution of pills and liquid medicines. Even one defect is not acceptable. JAI cameras ensure the highest stability.

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